Monday, August 27, 2007

I cannot believe I let my whole experience of London go undocumented. Here at least. In my journal there is more than enough information but the effort of transcribing it all is simply too much. Lately I have been much happier writting down my thoughts, ideas, feeling etc. with a pen as opposed to a keyboard.
Going through this ridiculous phase of eighteenth century idealism and romanticism as I am, it seemes (especially as I wandered the streets and parks of London) far more appropriate to carry with me my litle journal which I could take out at intervals and document all I was seeing/doing, sometimes even drawing pictures. Although I think it fair to say that my artistic abilities leave a LOT to be desired.
I will say this of my visit to London: I am wholly lost to the idea of being in my very own romantic bildungsroman a la Miss Bennet or Miss Eyre. I simply can't help it...