Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Wow, what a weekend...I think it's safe to say everyone had an unforgettable time. We sang the National Anthem on the middle of Eyre Square, befriended some foreign boys (one too many some might say...stalkers, anyone?) got drunk, lost our voices, got drunk, got sick, pissed people off committed murder (or so the people at the hostel thought anyway) witnessed a domestic, got harassed by under-agers and D4s, judged an 80's dance off and over all had a fantabulous time.
The bus journey was an absolute was long, stuffy, the roads were crap and who could forget the several stalker/creeps with picture phones...?!
I'm not sure Galway was prepared for us but it treated it us very well. The first club we went to we were practically the only girls there. Consequently we were treated very very well, though on occasion too well. One guy, though I told him more than once to piss off decided it would be a great idea to stroke my hair while I was dancing, I mean, ew! Another guy kept pushing Una and I together in hopes of encouraging some kind of girl-on-girl lesbian action.
It was like that in the other club as well. Though there were many many more girls, we still seemed to be pretty popular and it was really class. Apart from several of our number going MIA and causing mild panic. Apparently to some people a half hour only seems like 5 minutes...but whatever, it was a savage night.
I also managed not to get so drunk that I puked my guts up. In fact, I wasn't sick at all, which considering the bus journey home was quite a feat I felt. It's actually scary how well I can take a nagin of vodka now...
I did of course christen Galway by falling two minutes after we stepped off the bus so that was that taken care of. Una also fell in amazing style that nigh when she jumped over a pole and slipped on landing...hilarious.
Good times guys, good times.

We first encounter Jane as she wanders through town, looking for a new hat to wear to the country the following week. Thankfully her father sent her to Cork with enough of an allowance as to allow her to chose any hat she so desired. As she perused the various stalls along St Patrick St. a rather sallow skinned girl with rich brown hair and a welcoming smile approached her.
"That hat is rather divine, isn't it?" said she, looking at the hat Jane held in her hand.
"Yes it is," replied Jane in surprise. Was it customary for people in Cork to just begin talking to you? "I think I may buy it."
The girl smiled, "You should. Say, you're not Lady Victoria's niece by any chance are you?"
Jane stared in wonderment.
"Why, yes I am. Do you know her very well?"
"Yes, I should think I do. I live right next door, actually. I'm Katherine Crawford, but most people call me Katy."
"Very nice to meet you Katy. I'm Jane." she replied. How lucky was she to find a friend on her first day! Just at that moment, a drop fell upon her head.
"Oh, I do believe it's going to rain." she exclaimed.
"Why don't you accompany me to the tea house, I am meeting some friends there. I should say they'd be delighted to meet you. Your arrival has been much anticipated!" Katherine said as she pulled Jane along behind her with much haste.
Jane nodded and followed along quickly. It didn't seem she had much choice in the matter and after all, surely she'd be the better having made some acquaintances?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It was the best of times...It was the worst of times...

Dear Blogger,
I'm so sorry I've been neglecting you of late! It's just that with such a heavy load of work in both drama and English I'm finding it hard to find time to eat and sleep let alone write down my most daring...oh whatever.
Truth is, though I do have a most horrific workload college wise, I'm just rather lazy. Instead of being productive and doing everything when it's given as work, I insist on leaving it to the last minute. Even then, I still find other things to occupy myself with: watching films, watching TV, wasting hours upon hours of my life on bebo, TV...the list goes on.Like now for example. Instead of getting down to work and finishing off my logbook for drama which is due tomorrow, and preparing a presentation for said class, I chose instead to scope out youtube and write some nonsensical ramblings here.
That's productivity for you.I wish I was being a Hermione right now: over-prepared and organised; but I'm just not bothered enough at the moment.

Also, have come up with a marvelous story.
It is set in Cork, circa 1800. It is rather delightful and the characters all very interesting and intriguing. It centered around a young girl by the name of Jane (named of course after her dear departed tragic!) Granger. An avid reader she wishes to be a Governess and perhaps a lady novelist. Wracked with guilt over her mothers death, and money being readily available, her father (a certain Colonel John Martin Granger) sends her off to her Aunt in Cork City. With her aunt (by the name of Victoria Chisbrook) she learns about life, and how little she knows of it. As she familiarises herself with life in the city she encounters many people and lands herself in more than a few awkward situations. For what does a country girl know of societal life in the city? In a place where appearance is everything and nothing is as it appears, can our heroine survive the pitfalls of convention and find her place in society? Will she ever become a good proper woman, and find what is, unbeknownst to her, her one desire: love?
Join with me and follow Jane's journey from innocent girl to young woman.

I'm telling you, it's going to be a smash,and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the story as it progresses. Note: any resemblance of the characters to anyone in real life is purely coincidental and entirely unintentional. (well, almost...)