Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vodka is not my friend...

So last night, after swearing to myself I would join Kelly and Sarah on the no drinking till Kelly's birthday boat, and then I went to Jo's 20th birthday bash. With Sarah. We shared a litre of vodka between the two of us. I have never been so smashed in my life. Oh my God, I was so ridiculously plastered. I ended up spending half the night curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor. Oi, did I pay for it this morning in college. I'm never drinking vodka again. Well, at least for the moment. But anyway, enough about that.
So the more pressing matter at the moment is my perpetual singledom. It has happened. I am the sole remaining single person left in my apartment. How do I feel about this? Not too sure actually. I'm really happy for all of them, definitely. To be honest it doesn't bug that much. Except when everyone is here with their boyfriends being all coupley and I'm like 'pass me a bucket while I throw up!' lol. I feel like I'm a dying breed. I can see the headlines now: "Singles beware! You are now an endangered species!" hahaha.
I'm happy enough being single for the moment. The worst thing is the pressure put on you by non-singles to not be single anymore. "it will happen when you least expect it..." Sure, because my Mr Darcy is going to fall out of the sky, dripping wet, looking devilishly handsome in a dashing cravat and white shirt right into the stacks of Shakespeare on Q+3. And drop a book on my head. Yes. Of course.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The dangers of YouTube

So your sitting in front of your laptop, watching the O.C. and then all of a sudden, you've lost three hours of your life without realising it. Add to that the fact that you miss the last four crucial minutes of said favourite TV show and you're left with one very peeved off person.
Oh well. At least I know they get together. I just wish I could see it!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fatigued ramblings of a former insomniac. (wtf?!)

Dear God I'm knackered. I've been falling asleep since I came in from work at about half six. I haven't gone to bed though. I had intended on watching the OC but I got side tracked re-doing my bebo and emailing people etc. At least I don't have to get up in the morning, thank God. I can just sleep and sleep until I wake up naturally. Knowing my luck though I'll wake up ridiculously early at like 9 or something. It's always the way, isn't it.
I found a great poem by Emily Dickinson online today, I put it up on my bebo. I didn't credit it to her though, I think it might be funnier to see if people think it was me that wrote it because it's actually rather funny unlike some of her other dreary stuff.
Last night (with thanks to the OC) I have reached the fourth stage of grief: depression. On the one hand , that may seem very, well, depressing, and it's true it is; on the other hand there's only one more stage to go: acceptance.
Unfortunately it took me four years to reach the fifth stage with regards to my dad. I'm hoping this wont take as long. This is the hardest stage, but at least I have people around me who are watching out for me. And at least I can recognise it within myself, which I couldn't do before. So: onwards and upwards!
Sarah is going to be directing Kelly and I in a piece for one of my drama modules on Tuesday. It's a scene from Othello between Emelia and Desdemona. She hasn't told us who's playing who yet, but I'm excited for it. I'm really looking to sinking my teeth into some proper scene work. And to see Sarah direct oo, coz I haven't really seen that from her yet and as I had no desire to direct the piece myself, (neither did Kelly for that matter) it should work out grand. I wonder who I'll be. It's always interesting to see what other people see you as...
I'm posting on of Dickinson's poems on our Wall of Thought in the hall. It's the only piece of writing I've ever come across that can explain how it feels. Maybe if they read it, they might understand just a little bit better. I don't know what I'd do without them; I just hope they know that if anything were to happen to them, big or small, I'd be there without thinking.
Hmmm, the OC is beckoning.....Adam Brody.....nam.

Friday, January 26, 2007

well, hello there...

Ok, so this is my first post on my new blog. I used to have an LJ but I kind of grew out of it. Too complicated for me really. At least this one seems nice and simple and easy to handle. That and there are people viewing my lj I don't want so just deleting it seemed the best course of action.
I'm feeling rather weird at the moment but I'm sure that's mostly due to lack of sleep and over consumption of alcohol. Well, it is Rag Week after all; if you can't go on a week long bender this week when can you? Besides, it's all in the name of charity. That's my excuse anyhow...
Just watched Moulin Rouge. Love that film, but my God it's depressing. I don't know why (as an apartment of girls, mind you) we insist on watching these films (Walk to Remember, Romeo and Juliette, Cruel Intentions, The Body Guard being just a few examples) that we know are going to make us feel bad and cry (that's if you're the kind of girl that cries. I'm not. It's a problem apparently...) and make us feel bad in general. I think it's one of those mysterious girl things that even we don't understand.
We're going to see Dream Girls tonight. It's supposed to be a good flick. I'm not overly interested though, I'd rather see Blood Diamond, but sure whatever, majority rules. (That and the fact Zoe doesn't get out of work till 9 and B.D. starts at 8:30)
Have work tomorrow. Gah. I do enjoy when I'm there for the most part, and I couldn't survive without it, but still. The effort of it all...