Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Culture Cub

In a fit of pro-activity and having read of another's success with a similar project in the local paper, I have decided to hop on the Blog Boat and start a Blog dedicated, not to fashion, or books, or film, or cooking (oddly enough) but to culture and the arts in Carlow and anywhere else I happen to be. Through casting my sometimes too youthful and sometimes critical eye on my local cultural landscape I hope to open a firmly shut window on a range of happenings that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Who knows, if I follow the laws of 'The Secret' my little blog may make it to publication in a paper or magazine, and from there a book, and who knows, from there a film?

I do want a multi-million euro empire to spring from my blog encompassing books, television and film.

Check it out here:

Culture Cub

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